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Richmond Airport

We arrived safely at the airport. Well near the airport. At the Best Western Abercorn. But we learned we had to walk a whole block to get lunch at Tim Hortons. While there it dawned on me how dangerous it is to cross the road even when you think you have plenty of time. Warning! Only cross roads at the lights when the walking man shows up.
For supper we walked to Italian Tomato and ate calamari, Caesar salad, penne alla carbonara and tiramisu. The portions were large and delicious. The dessert was the best I have tasted in a long time. Now I am suffering the consequences of eating too much wheat!

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God's Window

South Africa


It was a foggy day when we walked up to this view known as God's Window in June 2007. In a way it seems right that we couldn't see anything because when it comes to the universal image it is much larger, less clear than we can understand.

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The Cradle of Humankind

Homo naledi: new species of ancient human discovered: Ian Sample, The Guardian

Ian Sample of The Guardian wrote:

"A huge haul of bones found in a small, dark chamber at the back of a cave in South Africa may be the remnants of a new species of ancient human relative.

Explorers discovered the bones after squeezing through a fissure high in the rear wall of the Rising Star cave, 50km from Johannesburg, before descending a long, narrow chute to the chamber floor 40 metres beneath the surface.

The entrance chute into the Dinaledi chamber is so tight – a mere eight inches wide – that six lightly built female researchers were brought in to excavate the bones. Footage from their cameras was beamed along 3.5km of optic cable to a command centre above ground as they worked inside the cramped enclosure."

Lee Berger, paleoanthropologist, Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg. Image from The Maropeng website:

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Recalling the First Visit to South Africa

May 31, 2007 we arrived. We spent three weeks on a guided tour (thank you Karen and Elaine) travelling South Africa.

Our daughters met us at the airport, rented a car and took us out of Johannesburg

to a couple of B&B's in the country, then to Kruger Park, and other places whose names I have forgotten (although I have a diary somewhere with all the details) and eventually to Cape Town.

Here is the famous District 6 Museum. It was very moving to read all the personal stories of those who had settled and built a community there, before the government shipped them off to townships hoping to keep that area exclusive for whites. The plan failed because the whites did not arrive.

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A New Direction

To South Africa

Thinking about our upcoming trip to South Africa to visit our newest grandson, I thought I'd better get re-acquainted with this travel blog.

Also a little research into the City of Johannesburg where my daughter, her partner, and our grandson, live help to educate me a little.

In 1896, ten years after the city was established, and this image was taken, Johannesburg looked more rural than urban. It was the discovery of gold that brought a population explosion from Europe and America to South Africa. Today the population is about 3.2 million. The name of the city came from two land surveyors who were officials of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republijk - Christiaan Johannes Joubert and Johannes Rissik .

Prior to Dutch colonization, much of South Africa was inhabited by several hunter-gatherer nations: ǃKung, ǀXam, ǂKhomani, Nusan, Khwe, Naro, Haiǁom, Tsoa, Auen, Kua, Gǀui and Gǁana. (Wikipedia)

Image: from Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

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