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The Shoes

On the Danube Bank

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In 2005 a memorial of bronze shoes was placed on the riverbank of the Danube, near the House of Parliament, to remember thousands of Hungarian Jews who were shot after being ordered to remove their shoes. This happened just before the end of World War II.

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Dohany Synagogue

A devastating history

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We were told the story of the Hungarian Jews from 1850 to the present day by a young woman, probably younger than my daughters, who memorized all the facts of her half hour presentation without notes or pause. Construction of the largest synagogue in Europe, began in 1854 and by 1867 it had become a Neolog (reform) congregation.

During WWII the beautiful interior was destroyed and the building used to shelter horses for the Nazi's. Their flag was attached to the roof so it wouldn't be bombed.


After the War the communists took over Hungary but when the communists left, the synagogue was restored.

Outside the synagogue is the memorial garden where we were shown the gravestones of the victims of the holocaust and the Tree of Life sculpture - an upside down steel menora that appears at first as a weeping willow tree:


We also saw a glass installation but I will have to find out the name of it:


Of all the sites visited during our cruise I think this was the most memorable because the story of European Jews is coherent, edifying and contains the roots of humanity's desire for a promised land of justice and peace.

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Budapest by day

More castles and cathedrals

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Hungary has been invaded so many times and so many lives have been lost trying to defend the nation they have remembered their heroes, at least the male ones, at Heroes Square. But every standing building is a tribute to their history and has its own story. Cathedrals such as St. Mathias Cathedral is covered inside with symbolic images such as this crow with the ring in its beak. Apparently the ring was stolen by such a crow and was found later however I can't remember by whom or how.

Hope to upload bigger pictures when we arrive at our hotel today.

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Entering Budapest

A channel of lights



While my photographs will never replicate the amazing view of lights on entering Budapest last night at 10:30, I attempt to capture it. We are stationed by the chain bridge and will explore the city this morning.

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This morning we visited the city and viewed the Bratislava Castle first. This huge palace started out as a watchtower against invaders and eventually became a palace for Maria Therese' daughter when the Hapsburgs ruled so many European nations. The Slovakian people so used to having external powers rule them they have that Kafkian sensibility that appreciates metaphor when freedom of thought is so dangerous. At the gates of the castle are these faceless and armless soldiers guarding the status quo.


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