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Gratitude in Mississauga

For the journey thus far

all seasons in one day 4 °C

As the fall becomes winter it offers time to contemplate the journey from Gabriola to Budapest to the UK and to Toronto where our grandchildren live.

We have seen ancient castles, gothic cathedrals, baroque towns and cobble streets. We have learned the struggles and tragedies of the innocent, the manipulations of the corrupt and the hopes of those still here. The one element of human nature that impresses me most is the courage of those who have fought injustice with their own integrity. Another which has carried us through this last month, is the kindness and generosity of family and friends, as well as the staff of airlines, hotels and ships who do all they can for the comfort of others.

Thanks to all who helped us make the journey.


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And the other famous bridge

Same builder different country

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The chain bridge in Budapest that goes over the Danube was built on a larger scale as the Marlow Bridge built by William Tierney Clark that crosses the Thames. This one is the original.

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Farewell Wem

Hello Marlow

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We have met new family members - the next generation, and played on swings, walked down the narrow streets of the village. This is Tony's side of the family. Later we shall make our way to the Thames and my side of the familly.

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Return to family

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With sisters, brothers, nieces and the rolling hills of England and Wales we return to the land of our birth and formative years. We are being spoiled with good food, wine and the remaining roses.


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Farewell Budapest

It's been good to know you

The magnificent castle

The Chain Bridge

And the long walks

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